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“My Three Mothers,” a suite of poems by Martimeano

My Three Mothers

Nano laura


We just hug
We don’t say anything.
Then she asks what’s up.
“How are you doing?”
With an honest answer, I’m tired.
Hopefully she makes my hard day better
Maybe I’m stressed, but her story inspires.
I know she’s a strong a person.
When she lost her home, she found her way to school,
and then another and now she’s helping me grow up.
When I lost my parents
I was confused, alone, afraid.
Like a mollusk finding its shell
She said you have to accept your past.
You have to accept who you are.
The main word is love
You have to start from there.


Nano's Gramdma

Her black hair
Compliments her dark eyes
Despite her condition she manages to get up
Love resonating from the food made with her large hands
It’s surprising
To see her so happy
A small girl in Jalisco Mexico
Little town of Salitre
Raised in dirt
Losing her mother
Disowned by her father
Her love for a family
For a future
Keeping her going
Crusty brown skin
Perfume for Sunday Sermon
Four foot eleven
She finds good
She understands
Cane in hand
“I wuv you!!”
Her message is compassion
Love when you want to hate

Nano's Mom


Terse hair
Child of the desert
A mother
Giver of miracles
Burned by the fields
Lack of responsibility
Five foot two
Believed you could change him
Damaged hands
He changed you
Dark eyes
She still inspired

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